Adult U Classes

Our classes are classes taught by members of our church
on various topics on Wednesdays from 6:30-8pm.
All classes are free, as is nursery care for children ages 0-4 years.

This I Believe
  • A look at the distinctive aspects of the major religions & the differences among Christian denominations. 
  • Led by Melissa Tucker - 3 weeks / Bowes - Begins Sept. 5
On Life's Challenges
  • Faith stories from people in our community who have learned to persevere through tremendous challenges.  
  • Led by Larry Angione - 4 weeks / Fireside Area - Begins Sept. 12

Big Questions of Scripture

  • Put these leaders on the hot seat with your questions about difficult, confusing, or weird parts of the Bible. 

  • Led by Mike Lodahl, Mark Mann, & Dean Nelson - 5 weeks / Fireside Area - Begins Oct. 10

Church Membership

  • Learn more about the history and identity of SD First Church and the Church of the Nazarene. 
  • Led by Dee Kelley & Melissa Tucker - 2 weeks / Bowes - Begins Oct. 10
  Youth Culture & Development
  • Understand your teen and contemporary issues and pressures they face.
  • Led by Matt Wilson - 3 weeks / Bowes - Begins Nov. 7

   The Holy Land - Reflections & Connections to Scripture

  • Deepening our faith and biblical understanding through a recent trip to Israel. 
  • Led by Kerry Fulcher - 2 weeks / Fireside Area - Begins Nov. 28

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