Adult U Classes

Adult U workshops are classes taught by members of our church
on various topics on Wednesdays from 6:30-8pm*
All classes are free, as is nursery care for children ages 0-4 years
Please RSVP for class attendance and childcare needs

StrengthsQuest Workshop
  • Led by Sandy Ische - 3 weeks /  Begins Sept. 11
  • StengthsQuest can help you in all areas of your life. You will walk away with key, essential action steps you can implement in your life today to live your best life!
Seniors by the Sea: A Matter of Balance
  • Led by Eleanor Snyder -  8 weeks / Begins Sept. 11 / 3:30-5:30pm*
  • The course is an evidence-based program and has had wonderful results for seniors in mitigating their fall risks. You can learn more about the program by clicking here.
  • This class can host a maximum of 12 participants and also requires a $10 fee. RSVP required.

Membership Class

  • Led by Dee Kelley & Melissa Tucker - 2 weeks / Begins Sept. 18
  • Learn more about the history and identity of SD First Church and the Church of the Nazarene.

Words to Live By: A Fresh Look at the 10 Commandments

  • Led by Brad Kelle - 4 weeks / Begins Oct. 2
  • A Bible study in nature and format, this class will read and reflect on the 10 Commandments in their biblical and historical contexts.

Broadening Conversations around Faith & Sexuality

  • Led by Melissa Tucker & Jake Gilbertson - 6 weeks / Begins Oct. 2
  • This class will be broken down into a six week series. Each week the class will focus on a different element of the conversations around faith & sexuality.
  • The current schedule is as follows:
         - Week 1: Setting the Stage for How to Broaden Our Conversations
        - Week 2: Naming the Complexity & Gravity of Faith & Sexuality
        - Week 3: The Church & Our Bodies
        - Week 4: Considering Scripture, Part One
        - Week 5: Considering Scripture, Part Two
        - Week 6: So... How Do We Be The Church?

Femininity & Masculinity

  • Led by Dee Kelley  - 2 weeks / Begins Nov. 6
  • This class will discuss the intersection of the feminine and the masculine in the life of faith.

Embracing Advent

  • Led by Melissa Tucker - 3 weeks / Begins Nov. 20 (does not meet Nov. 27)
  • This class be a three week series, with each session featuring a conversation around different areas of the Advent season that require more thought and attention to engage holistically and ethically. 
         - Week 1: Preparing for Advent (11/20)
         - Week 2: Practical Tools (12/4)
         - Week 3: Meeting our ReAdventing Partners (12/11)

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