Thursday, January 17, 2019

Option 1: 2-4:30pm  RSVP for Option 1

Option 2: 6:30-9pm  RSVP for Option 2

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The HOPE Poverty Simulation invites you to take a first step by symbolically slipping into the shoes of men and women living in poverty, to try and understand what it’s like from the inside. The simulation is a 2 ½-hour, immersive, experiential learning opportunity designed to help participants symbolically experience the realities of a lifetime spent living in poverty. 

Over the course of the simulation, you will be confronted with a series of challenges that mimic the complex, everyday realities that men and women living in poverty are forced to grapple with.   

This is a free simulation produced by HOPE International (a Christian micro-finance organization).  To understand the impact this simulation can have on people, please watch the following video from Peter Greer, the President of HOPE International.