Our workshops are classes taught by members of our church on various topics on Wednesdays
from 6:30-8pm.  All classes are free, as is nursery care for children ages 0-4 years.


FALL 2017 Workshops
ll workshops are free & run from 6:30-8:00 pm. 

I Dreamed A Dream...
  • Learning to see our dreams and other contemplative spiritual disciplines as God’s invitation to wholeness and integration
  • Led by Dee Kelley & Melissa Tucker - 10 weeks starting on August 16
    Location: Fireside Area in Brown Chapel Foyer
Loving Our Kids on Purpose Book Study
  • Incorporating the principles of the kingdom of God into your parenting strategy (for parents of 1 year olds to teenagers) 
  • Led by Rich & Heather Hills - 6 weeks starting on September 13
    Location: Bowes Conference Room

Spiritual Disciplines Book Study

  • Multiple authors explore proven practices in how to grow in your relationship with God

  • Led by Mark Maddox - 7 weeks starting on October 25
    Location: Bowes Conference Room

Living Big

  • How to set boundaries, live with integrity, & be generous with our assumptions of others
  • Led by Rebecca Bass-Ching & Kendra Oakes Mueller - 1 week on November 8
    Location: Fireside Area in Brown Chapel Foyer

Stuck in the Web

  • Learn strategies for savvy internet consumption and think through social media ethics with Matthew 10:16 (“Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves”) as a common thread
  • Led by Doug Fruehling - 3 weeks starting on November 8
    Location: Library Room in Brown Chapel Foyer

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