mentoring ministry

The purpose of the mentoring ministry at SDFC is to offer an opportunity for members of the church community to mature in their relationship with Christ through intentional intergenerational connections. The SDFC mentor will have the opportunity to encourage and advise mentees by sharing their own life experiences, knowledge of scripture, and personal faith journey- as well as spending time in prayer with and for their mentee. The SDFC mentee will have the opportunity to glean from the wisdom of an individual with greater spiritual wisdom and life experience, while committing to practicing vulnerability, honesty, and asking questions. 

Our spiritual mentors are designed to fill a gap between professional and/or pastoral counseling and small accountability group where, if you participate, your particular spiritual needs and questions will be attended to by a safe and qualified mentor through SDFC. It is not a program for people in crisis who would benefit from professional counseling, but for everyday people facing the difficulty of growing spiritually in a complex world.