We do this by: 

  • Teaching – discipleship
  • Preaching – the way we live our lives
  • Healing – being equipped as healing agents wherever God has placed us 

Our guiding principles are that we be formed by scripture, motivated by love and guided by prayer. 

We emphasize a balanced spiritual life where we grow in our one-on-one relationship with God, in our relationships with other believers, and in the way we live in a global marketplace.


Click here to watch the story of San Diego First Church of the Nazarene. 

Our local congregation began worshiping in its present location in 1986 after a merger between First Church of the Nazarene (founded in 1907) and Point Loma Community Church of the Nazarene (founded in 1975). It is our desire to be a Christ-centered fellowship ministering to Point Loma and the greater San Diego community. For more information about our denominational home, click on the links below: 

Church of the Nazarene History

Church of the Nazarene Beliefs