SDFC Music Ministries

We have a great opportunity every Sunday to gather and worship, praise, confess, lament, and cry out to God through sharing music, prayer, and the Word of God together. We believe in the power of music to create space and facilitate an environment for rest, vulnerability, and openness to God. These lyrics and melodies help craft our praises and thanks for God’s faithfulness and invite us to love one another and spur us on to seek justice for our community and world. 

Our mission in our worship through singing together is to lift up Christ. We as San Diego First Church look to intentionally lift up Christ by seeking wisdom, inspiration, grace, and truth that can be only given by the One we worship. We believe that worship through singing and playing music provides us an opportunity to seek these in a communal way. 

Our approach to worship music includes a wide range of styles that beautifully embody our church’s development and history. Our musical offerings include choral music, featured music, hymns and contemporary worship music, and instrumental ensembles featuring strings, woodwinds and brass. We seek to be inspired and moved by God’s spirit in all forms of musical worship.

In order to lead worship music in our church, we need humble volunteers to do it well. Our mission is not only to excel in our crafts, but to also provide a worship offering to God and an offering that ministers to our people. If participating in any of the following interests you, please email Austin Holmes or Victor Labenske:

  • Playing/singing music

  • Running sound and worship slides

  • Reading scripture

  • Designing and creating art

May all that we do, in spirit and in truth, lift up Christ.