at the mention of your name

Members of our New Celebration worship team have created a project we're thrilled to share!  These five songs are indicative of the style of New Celebration service - and feature an original song, "Your Love Is Strong", by Justin Denney (our former worship leader).  See song list below and various ways to stream or purchase it online.  Physical CDs are also available at the Hub on Sundays.

Album Name: At the Mention of Your Name / Artist: SDFC Worship

Available On: BandcampSpotify, iTunes, & Apple Music

Ways to Listen:

The album is available on the platforms listed below.  Simply access the app or website you prefer and search by album name or artist - or click on each be redirected to the album page.

Album Name:  At the Mention of Your Name
Artist: SDFC Worship

TRACK list:

  1. Great are You Lord (David Leonard, Jason Ingram, Leslie Jordan)
  2. Your Love Is Strong (Justin Denney)
  3. Beautiful Things (Lisa Gungor, Michael Gungor)
  4. Place of Freedom (CJ Blount)
  5. He Is Faithful/Doxology  (He is Faithful: Bryan Torwalt, Katie Torwalt / Doxology: Words: Thomas Ken / Arr: Justin Denney)