Welcome to SAN Diego First Church
of the nazarene (SDFC)

Advent at SDFC

For an overview of our advent services schedule, click the link below:

2021 SDFC Advent Services Schedule

Our Mission:  To Lift Up Christ

Our guiding principles are that we be formed by scripture, motivated by love and guided by prayer. We emphasize a balanced spiritual life where we grow in our one-on-one relationship with God, in our relationship with other believers and in the way we live in a local and global marketplace.

We hope this site helps you get to know us better.

Worship Service Feedback

CLICK HERE to take the SDFC Worship Service Feedback Survey

Over the past few months (from Sept. 5-Nov. 14, 2021), SDFC has been conducting a worship services "experiment", characterized primarily by the shift to hosting two distinct worship services (Classic & Contemporary) at the same time, 10:30am. We hope you will be willing to provide feedback about your experiences engaging with the life of the church for the duration of this experiment, which will assist your church board & staff in making plans for 2022 and beyond. Thank you for your time!