30 Days of Prayer: DAILY PRAYER Guide

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Prayer is a core discipline for the church.  We encourage you to pray as God leads you.  If you would like to follow a 30-day guided prayer plan for our church, the daily exercise is listed below.  Simply go to the day of the month and follow the guide:

Days 1-7:    The Lord's prayer and forgiveness

Days 8-14   Prayer for self & family relationships

Days 15-21 Prayer for the health of the church and the care of children

Days 22-30 Prayer for the needs of those around the world

Days 1-7  The Lord's Prayer and Confession

This week's focus is on the Lord's Prayer.  Each day read or recite the Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-15), and then meditate on a particular verse.

  • Day I   Adoration

    Read or recite the Lord's Prayer.

    Meditate on "Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name."

    Offer prayers of adoration and praise to God.

    Think on, or sing out loud a song of praise.

  • Day 2  God's Will

    Read or recite the Lord's Prayer

    Meditate on "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

    Offer prayers for knowing God's will and then wisdom, courage, power and resources to do God's will

  • Day 3  God's Provisions

    Read or recite the Lord's Prayer

    Meditate on  "Give us this day our daily bread."

    Offer prayers for our provisions and that we might have the privilege to help in the provisions of others

  • Day 4  Confession

    Read or recite the Lord's Prayer

    Meditate on "And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors."

    Offer prayers of confession for sins

    Prayers receiving forgiveness

    Prayers of forgiveness for others

  • Day 5  Repentance and Holiness

    Read or recite the Lord's Prayer

    Meditate on "And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil."

    Offer prayers of confession of failures and shortcomings.


    Prayers for holiness in life 

  • Day 6  Forgiving Others and Reconciliation

    Read or recite the Lord's Prayer

    Meditate on "If we forgive others their sins, our heavenly Father will forgive us our sins."

    Offer prayers of forgiveness, confession and reconciliation

  • Day 7  Purity

    Read or recite the Lord's Prayer

    Meditate on "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and God's righteousness and all these things will be added unto you."

    Offer prayers for a pure heart, honest motives and a righteous life.

Days 8-14: prayer for self & family relationships

This week we pray for our personal relationship with Christ, the care of our own souls and those of our family members.

  • Day 8

    ...the soul of a righteous man is nothing but a paradise, in which, as God tells us, He takes His delight.  For what do you think a room will be like which is the delight of a King so mighty, so wise, so pure and so full of all that is good?  I can find nothing with which to compare the great beauty of a soul and its great capacity. - Teresa of Avila, "Interior Castle"

    Read Matthew 16:24-27

    • Continue prayers of confession from last week.
    • Offer prayers for right priorities; are there portions of your soul you have forfeited that you would like to reclaim?
    • Prayers seeking God's guidance in what it means to take up your cross.
  • Day 9

    A spiritual kingdom lies all about us, enclosing us, altogether within reach of our inner selves, waiting for us to recognize it.  -A.W. Tozer, "The Pursuit of God"

    Read Luke 17:11-21

    • Continue prayers of priorities from the previous day.
    • Prayers for personal healing from leprosy-like ailments in our life (physical, emotional, relational).
    • Prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving.
    • Prayers for eyes to see the evidence of God's Kingdom within us and around us.
  • Day 10

    ...Yet the shepherd came that day. He met me where I'd strayed, and this is what He said, "Child I love you." With no mention of my past, or whether I would last, just offering to stay close beside me...   -Kay Kelley  "The Shepherd"
    Read Luke 15:3-7

    • Continue prayers of thanksgiving from the previous day.
    • Prayers of surrender to God's care, God's provision, God's assistance and God's direction.
    • Prayers of silence: imagine being carried by God through your current circumstances.
  • Day 11

    There are two kinds of people in this world - those who take out more than they put in, and those who put in more than they take out...There is laid on us the duty of handing things on better than we found them.   -William Barclay  "The Daily Study Bible Series"

    Read John 2:1-10

    • Prayers for direction on life choices.
    • Prayers for strength, wisdom and courage to care for others.
    • Prayers to see the needs of others and to be moved by what moves God.
  • Day 12

    Mommy, do you love me? / Uh-huh. / A lot? / A bundle and a bunch. / Would you still love me no matter what I did? / I sure would. / Even if I did something awful? / ...I'd still love you no matter what, no matter how mad, no matter how awful.  And I always will.   -Barbara Shook Hazen  "Even If I Did Something Awful"

    Read Luke 15:11b-32

    • Prayers for the salvation and peace of all family members.
    • Prayers for reconciliation and forgiveness between family members.
    • Prayers to trust your family members to the hands of a loving God.
  • Day 13

    ...It is the place where there is "nothing left to lose," where love has no strings attached, and where real spiritual strength is found...There I am free to receive the burdens of others without any need to evaluate, categorize, or analyze.   -Henri Nouwen  "The Return of the Prodigal Son"

    Read Matthew 9

    • Continue prayers for family members from previous day.
    • Prayers to let go of anger, resentment, jealousy, hurt and sorrow.
    • Prayers for a grace-filled heart toward others and a compassion for their unique circumstances.
  • Day 14

    We are so accustomed to the apparently rational nature of our world that we can scarcely imagine anything happening that cannot be explained by common sense.   -Carl Jung  "Man and his Symbols"

    Read Matthew 17:19-21

    • Pray for something in your own life that requires more than the resources you already have.
    • Pray for a family member and ask for something that requires God's intervention.
    • Pray for a faith that is as small as a mustard seed and that can hope for that which is beyond common sense.

days 15-21 Prayer for the Life of the church

During this week we pray for all aspects of the life of our church.

  • Day 15 - Prayers for our Children

    • That they will hear, understand and receive the Good News of Jesus.
    • For Sunday school and the friendships that are formed there.
    • For the many babies, pregnancies, births and parental challenges within our church.
    • For the elementary schools represented and that friendships would cross those barriers.
  • Day 16 - Prayers for our Youth

    • That they will hear, understand and receive the Good News of Jesus.
    • For the integration of the youth into the life of the church.
    • For the mid-high and senior high schools where our teens attend.
    • For the families and homes in which our teens live.
    • For bonding and spiritual growth at Winter Retreat.
  • Day 17 - Prayers for new ministries of the Church

    • For the consideration of where we will send a short-term mission team next.
    • For the new parents and "MOPS" ministry.
    • For the building and unity of the 1722 young adult work.
  • Day 18 - Prayers for our Volunteers

    • For the work of the greeters, ushers, counters, assimilation teams, and board members.
    • For the work of those in the kitchen, BBQ teams, receptions and other meal times.
    • For our teachers, workshop leaders, youth staff, children's workers, nursery personnel, office volunteers, facilities volunteers, interns and musicians.
    • For new volunteers to replace those who have left.
  • Day 19 - Prayers for our staff

    • For the pastoral staff: Kelsey, Shelle, Matt, Niko, Rick, Victor, Justin, Melissa and Dee
    • For the support staff: Paige, Heather, Jann, Wyatt
    • For the facilities staff: George, Lupe, Clinton, Armando, Junior, Fennel
  • Day 20 - Prayers for the Health of our Church

    • That we continue as a church of prayer.
    • For the regular tithing of all who regularly attend.
    • For the healing of families in crisis.
    • For our engagement in the community.
  • Day 21 - Prayers for the church plants

    • For the work of Genesis in North Park.
    • For the work of Peace River in Ocean Beach.
    • For new church plants that have yet to be formed.